Primafacie Mutua

Primafacie Mutua

Co-founder & COO, M-taka


I am an experienced urban and regional planner with a passion for leveraging technology to promote sustainability and empower communities. As a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at M-taka, I spearhead the organization's operations, product development, and management strategies. My expertise lies in bridging the gap between technology and environmental stewardship, driving innovative digital solutions that align with M-taka's mission of sustainable waste management and plastic pollution reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa. My background in urban, regional, and environmental planning equips me with a comprehensive understanding of data analysis, advocacy, and project management. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of technology and consistently explore its potential to create positive social and environmental impact. My commitment to sustainability extends beyond my professional endeavors. I am an active advocate for environmental conservation and frequently engage in community outreach initiatives aimed at raising awareness about sustainable practices. My dedication to creating a greener future is evident in my unwavering support for eco-friendly solutions and my efforts to empower communities to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

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Adaptation, Circular economy, Cooperation & partnerships, Digitalization, Gender, Innovation, Just transition, Mitigation, Urbanization

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