Ignacio Real de Asúa

Ignacio Real de Asúa

Head of Capital Markets and Financial Risk Management at Iberdrola, Iberdrola is the world´s leading private group by green bonds issued


Ignacio Real de Asua is Iberdrola’s Head of Capital Markets and Financial Risk Management. He is responsible for Financing, Capital Markets and Financial Risk Management, including interest rates and global FX. He started his professional career in the Financing and Treasury Department of Iberdrola, back in 1993, up to today. Since 2006, he has been running the Capital markets financing team among other activities, and has originated transactions of more than EUR 45bn in the markets where Iberdrola operates (including Eurozone, UK, United States, LatAm and APAC). He graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the University of País Vasco, with a specialization in Financing.

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