Samira Ben Ali

Samira Ben Ali

European Climate Pact Ambassador and Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, World’s Youth for Climate Justice


Samira Ben Ali a youth climate justice advocate from the French Island of Mayotte. She has studied Rights of Future Generations, European and International Law and is currently completing a degree on Ocean Law. She works as the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the World's Youth for Climate Justice campaign. Samira is particularly passionate about climate climate justice, the protection of marine biodiversity, and environmental geopolitics. she firmly believes that only through ambitious and effective emplementation of international law can we safeguard the rights if the most vulnerable communities as well as current and future generations. She serves as European Climate Pact Ambassador to promote those notions and to advocate for more youth participation in the climate policy making processes. 

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Civil Society, Oceans / water, Peace / Climate Security, Youth

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