Livia Kalossaka

Livia Kalossaka

EU Young Energy Champion/ Vice-President, EU/YES-Europe


Livia Kalossaka, a PhD-trained materials scientist, sustainability expert, and youth leader, is deeply passionate about driving sustainable innovation and empowering young people to take action. With deep dives into the worlds of startups, industry, and NGOs, Livia has gained profound insights into the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a more sustainable future. She has successfully collaborated with startups to develop innovative solutions, implemented sustainable practices in the manufacturing sector, and actively engaged with NGOs to promote environmental causes. Livia is a bridge-builder and catalyst for collaborative breakthroughs. Grounded in her first-hand experiences, she has witnessed the power of unifying Europe's values to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to work towards shared goals. With a profound commitment to sparking open conversations, deep thinking, and real-world solutions, Livia is attending COP28 as the European Young Energy Champion, aiming for a future that is more committed, curious, and connected for all.

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Adaptation, Agriculture, Carbon Markets, Carbon removals, Circular economy, Cooperation & partnerships, Energy, Finance, Gender, Innovation, Nature / biodiversity, Oceans / water, Peace / Climate Security, Urbanization, Youth

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