Pier Roberto Remitti

Pier Roberto Remitti

Co-managing Director, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy


Pier Roberto Remitti, Co-Managing Director of the GCoM Secretariat in Bruxelles since October 2020, is a senior policy adviser in the area of Sustainable Urban Development, Climate Action and City planning/management, with long-standing working experience,and a wide country coverage across EU, Balkans, Middle East (Syria, Turkey), SE Asia (Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka) and Africa (South Africa). Since 2017 he contributed significantly to the start and consolidation of the GCoM Regional branches in South and South East Asia. Piero holds a MSc in Regional and Urban Planning from the IUAV (Venice, Italy), and has now accumulated over the years a considerable track record in international cooperation projects and programmes.

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Adaptation, Finance, Mitigation, Nature / biodiversity, Urbanization

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