Robb Butler

Robb Butler

Director, Division of Communicable Diseases, Environment and Health, World Health Organisation, Regional Office for Europe


Mr Robb Butler is a social scientist and public health promotion adviser with over 25 years of international experience working in public health, social protection, and humanitarian assistance in developing and transitional Member States. Mr Butler began his career in rural Afghanistan in 1990, and worked for 17 years on rural development, social protection, and sexual and reproductive health programmes in South and South-East Asia, the Pacific, and the horn of Africa, before joining WHO in 2009. Initially, Mr Butler spearheaded efforts to strengthen childhood immunization demand in countries of the WHO European Region. In 2014 he was appointed Regional Adviser for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunization at WHO/Europe. Between 2020 and 2023, Mr Butler served as Executive Director at WHO/Europe. His division set new standards in communications and resource mobilization and drove innovation in governance, while building momentum for the European Programme of Work's behavioural and cultural insights flagship.

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