Dr. Ing. Gideon Schwich

Dr. Ing. Gideon Schwich

Chief Operating Officer, cylib GmbH


Dr. Ing. Gideon Schwich is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the start-up cylib, which offers a holistic lithium-ion battery recycling solution. cylib's deep tech technology and proprietary end-to-end recycling process offer an efficient, resource- and climate friendly recovery of all relevant battery raw materials, including battery packs, modules, cells and production scraps. Before cylib, Gideon obtained his Dr. Ing. In Production Engineering at RWTH University in Aachen while gaining key sustainability consulting and leadership experience in his role as Team Lead Sustainability at Accenture. Gideon strengthens his co-founders Lilian and Paul, who developed cylib's proprietary process with his financial and strategic competence in combination with his unique technical understanding of the battery recycling market and process.

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