Firas Al-Abduwani

Firas Al-Abduwani

Director General - Renewable Energy & Hydrogen, Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Ministry of Energy and Minerals


As the Director General of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Dr. Firas Al-Abduwani is responsible for shaping and implementing the public policies that support Oman's transition to a low-carbon economy. Al-Abduwani oversees the policy making process covering the electricity market, energy efficiency, renewable energy, low carbon hydrogen, CCUS, the certification of electrons and molecules, EVs and energy storage. With over 15 years of experience as a co-founder, CEO, and board member of various companies in the telecom and energy industries, Al-Abduwani has a proven track record of leading high performance teams and excels in driving entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, and execution. Al-Abduwani is a continuous learner who has acquired and applied technical, managerial, and leadership skills in diverse fields, from telecom private networks to clean energy with numerous scholarships and accolades. He is passionate about contributing to Oman's development and competitiveness, and I am always eager to collaborate with and empower others who share this vision.

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