Angela Nunes

Angela Nunes

Head of Innovaition at Secil Group, Secil S.A.


Civil Engineer with background in structural design. Several complementary courses in the area of Management and Leadership (Univ. Católica, Nova SBE). Head of Innovation, Product and Process Development at Secil Group . Started in 1990 at Secil Group for Cement Technical Support and Product Development and responsabel for several research activities related to cement and concrete, having collaborated throughout numerous outstanding projects and boosting the launch of new products into the market. She also work edin the area of standardization at national level ATIC - Technical Association of Cement Industry and CEN level (Tc 51-Cement as a Member), and she also collaborates with the CEMBUREAU - European Association of the Cement Industry level in several task-forces and working groups. She was recently awarded the 6th Edition of the Maria de Lourdes Pintassilgo Prize in the Role Model category. This is a distinction from Instituto Superior Técnico, which aims to recognize the role of women in the field of Engineering. The Role Model category distinguishes a former student for her professional and social achievements.

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