Natalia Caldes Gomez

Natalia Caldes Gomez

Policy Officer, DG for International Partnerships, European Commission


Since 2019, Natalia Caldés has working for the European Commission, at the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change unit of DG-International Partnership (DG-INTPA). Among other responsibilities, she has been following energy cooperation related matters with Latin America and Caribbean. Formerly, she worked as a senior researcher at the Energy System Analysis Unit at CIEMAT, the Spanish Research Centre for energy, environment and technologies. Among others, her field of expertise focuses on the assessment of renewable energy cooperation policies and the development of sustainability assessment tools. Prior to CIEMAT, she worked as a consultant for various United Nations Agencies and worked as research analyst for the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington DC. She holds a BA in Economics (Universitat Pompeu Fabra-Barcelona), MsC in applied economics (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and PhD in agricultural and natural resources economics (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain).

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Adaptation, Cooperation & partnerships, Energy, Innovation, Just transition, Mitigation, Modelling

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