Javier Diaz-Maroto Carpintero

Javier Diaz-Maroto Carpintero

Breakthrough Innovation Manager, Solvay SA


I am Javier Diaz-Maroto, Breakthrough Innovation manager at Solvay located in Brussels (Belgium). Leading a team of researchers where we bridge the gap between research and industrial in the Global Business Unit of Peroxides. Additionally providing lab and technical support for the H2O2 manufacturing plants worldwide. Before my arrival in the capital in 2017, I spent several years as Reaction Engineering manager in Shanghai where I developed innovative processes for new and existing products, specializing in scaling up different technologies. Key player in process improvement and technology transfers for different industrial plants in APAC. Prior to taking managerial roles, I started my career as process engineer at Rhodia China providing technical support to the plants in the region. I earned a master degree in Process Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from UCLM.

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Carbon removals, Cooperation & partnerships, Energy, Industry, Innovation, Just transition, Private Sector

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