Fons Janssen

Fons Janssen

EUClimatePact Ambassador, EUClimatePact Ambassador


As an EUClimatePact ambassador Fons Janssen (28) embodies a passionate advocate for sustainability, education, and community well-being. He lives in Heerlen, Netherlands. His roots trace back to Veulen, where he grew up on a family farm and a lively rural community — tending to sheep for nature conservation, raising chickens for eggs, and contributing to a day care facility for the elderly. Fons's upbringing laid the foundation for his profound connection to respecting environment and climate. Fons studied at Wageningen University, specializing in biotechnology with a focus on process engineering and innovation sciences. Post graduation, he dedicated two years to serving as the Dutch country coordinator of the European Climate Pact. Currently, Fons divides his time, serving part-time as an energy civil servant for the city region of Parkstad. Simultaneously, he engages in youth work, fostering youth participation in research on health, well-being, and equal opportunities in Limburg. Personally affected by the impacts of climate change, Fons has witnessed the floods of the Maas river in 2021, observed the burned peat lands of the Peel in both 2020 and 2022, and faced the threat of droughts jeopardizing the grasslands and nature areas crucial for his family's sheep. Fortunately, his education equipped him with the tools to take impactful action. Fons is a Fulbright USA-EU alumnus on environmental stewardship (2015) and earned the Climate KIC master label (2018-2019). Fons is a dynamic force in advancing green competences for educational transformation. Fons volunteers a sector lead for Education & Labour Market at KEK, a Dutch young professional foundation for sustainability. Also, he shares his expertise as a trainer for the Dutch Student Union (LSVb, Training op Maat), focusing on soft and social skills. As a coach for the NGO Klimaat Gesprekken, Fons provides free training to enhance communication and community engagement about climate issues within family, neighborhood, classroom or the workplace. Moreover, Fons actively contributes to the youth sector in Limburg, amplifying engagement in health and social research. His endeavors seamlessly intertwine with climate and environmental concerns, addressing issues like inaction to climate change triggering ecoanxiety and pollution posing threats to health.

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