Chiara Pavan

Chiara Pavan

Chef, Venissa


Since 2017 Chiara Pavan , together with Francesco Brutto, runs Venissa restaurant on the island of Mazzorbo, in Venice. In recent years, her awards include the Best Female Chef award from the l'Espresso Guide in 2019 and from Identità Golose 2020. Chiara pursues a type of cuisine that she defines as “Ambientale” (environmental), centred on the self-production of vegetables, the sourcing of proximity, the use of wild herbs, cereals and ancient legumes, and the use of reduced quantities of animal protein (which only come from alien and invasive species) ethically chosen, in favour of vegetable protein. Thanks to his interest in the environment and his connection to the lagoon, where the intention is to leave as light a footprint on the land as possible, she and Francesco were awarded with the Michelin's Green Star for environmental sustainability in 2021.

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