Karen O' Brien

Karen O' Brien

Senior Technical Executive - Nutritics, Nutritics


Karen is Senior Technical Executive on the Integrity & Compliance Team, at Nutritics. The Integrity & Compliance tesm ensures the credibility of the system through the delivery of robust and transparent food data. Karen has been with the Nutritics for seven years, working closely with foodservice operators and helping companies to streamline their processes and to manage their data. Karen is passionate about the intersection of nutrition and technolgy, and holds a Bachelor's Honours Degree in Nutrition and Health Science from Munster Technological University, Cork, Ireland. She is currently completing a research Master's degree, with Munster Technological University and Nutritics, that will identify oppourtinities for imporovent in technology based dietary assessments. Nutritics' software helps businesses unlock the hidden value of food data in real time, to manage recipes, create labels, plan meals, publish menus and measure your environmental impact.

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