Nicolas Vogt

Nicolas Vogt

Education Officer, Office for Climate Education


I have been a teacher for 15 years, both in secondary schools and in high schools. I have worked in France and in French schools abroad (Morocco, Senegal), in different networks. Active teaching methods are at the heart of my practice: observations, modelling, experimentation, investigative approach, inverted class... I try to favour the field approach as much as possible, which is important in the understanding of complex phenomena and scales. I like to build interdisciplinary projects with my colleagues, which gives more meaning to learning and mobilizes essential skills and values in students. Studies show that they promote the acquisition of knowledge and encourage proactive behavior, a great goal for building a better future!  I am an education officer, which means that I put my teaching experience at the service of the scientific and pedagogical expertise of the OCE. My knowledge in the production of resources (academic, textbooks,...) is very useful to me at OCE, which produces a lot of them: textbooks, summaries of IPCC reports for teachers, educational kits, digital resources. With my scientific colleagues, we also train many teachers and trainers, in France but especially abroad. Finally, we monitor educational projects all over the world: awareness raising, mitigation or adaptation projects, participatory sciences. The purpose of this follow-up is to support educational teams and to make these projects known in the hope of triggering chain reactions in the educational community.

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Adaptation, Education, Mitigation, Modelling, Nature / biodiversity, Oceans / water, Urbanization, Youth

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