Anne Hammill

Anne Hammill

Associate Vice President, Resilience, International Institute for Sustainable Development


Anne Hammill is the Associate Vice-President, Resilience at IISD. In this role, she leads IISD’s work on climate change adaptation and the links between the environment, conflict, and peacebuilding. With a background in geography, Anne has over 20 years of experience addressing the social dimensions of environmental change. She works with governments and civil society organizations to put climate change adaptation at the centre of decision making.. She was the founding director of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network, which was established in 2014 to support countries in the Global South in advancing adaptation planning and action, and a co-author of the planning chapter of the Adaptation Gap Report in 2023. She also focuses on how ecosystem management and resource governance can contribute to conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and was a founding board member of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association. 

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Adaptation, Civil Society, Cooperation & partnerships, Extreme weather, Gender, Humanitarian Development, Loss and damage, Peace / Climate Security, Transparency

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