David Laborde

David Laborde

Director, Agrifood Economics Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO


David Laborde is the Director for Agrifood Economics division at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. He has been leading the division since February 2023. In this role, he supervises a number of flagship publications, such as the State of Food Security and Nutrition (SOFI) or the State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) and leads the work of the division on policy monitoring, policy reform, and realignment of incentives to support agrifood system transformation. He also provides leadership on two priority areas for the institution: resilience and bioeconomy. Before joining FAO, David Laborde worked at the International Food Policy Research Institute of the CGIAR in Washington D.C. for 16 years as part of the Markets, Trade, and Institution Division. He led the research theme on Macroeconomics and Trade and was also a co-director of the Ceres2030 project. David Laborde’s research interests include food security and nutrition, especially in the context of globalization and climate change. He has worked extensively on measuring and modelling domestic and border farm and food policies in a general equilibrium context, as well as on reforms of these policies facing environmental (climate change, biofuels, sustainability) and social (poverty) issues. Since 2015, he has been focusing on costing the roadmap to achieving SDG2 in a globalized context while considering the role of goods, capital, and migration flows while delivering on key climate actions. David Laborde has developed a number of partial equilibrium models, in particular, the MIRAGE and MIRAGRODEP models, and databases such as MAcMapHS6 on tariffs as well as TASTE software. He has been a contributor to the GAP database and a GTAP research fellow since 2005. For his contributions, he received the Alan Powell award in 2018. Throughout his career, David Laborde has published extensively, having more than 150 publications, and edited a number of books and high-level policy reports.

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