Bernard Ewekia

Bernard Ewekia

Speaker, Rising Nation Initiative


Bernard Kato Ewekia a dynamic Rising Nations Delegate and Director for Saving Tuvalu campaign from Tuvalu for #COP28. At 27 years old, Kato is not only an activist but also a storyteller, passionately advocating for his home of Funafuti. In 2021,  Kato made history as the first youth activist from Tuvalu to attend a COP, participating in COP26 in Glasgow. His journey represents a significant milestone in bringing the voices of Pacific Island nations to the forefront of global climate discussions.  Blending his love for music and rugby with activism, Kato effectively uses these platforms to share the story of Tuvalu. His approach highlights not only his country's beauty but also the stark realities and challenges it faces due to climate change. At COP28, Kato's unique perspective as a young Pacific Islander and his commitment to storytelling will be invaluable. His voice will shed light on the urgent need for action to protect small island nations from the devastating effects of climate change.

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