Colin Galbraith

Colin Galbraith

, Chair of NaturScot, Scotland, UK


In June 2023, Professor Colin Galbraith was appointed as the Chair of NatureScot by the Scottish Ministers. With a lifelong commitment to nature conservation, both locally and globally, Colin brings a wealth of experience and passion to his new role. He previously served as the Chair of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee from January 2021. Having worked closely with the United Nations, Colin has made significant contributions to the Convention on Migratory Species. His work includes a period as Chair and involvement in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. One of his key interests lies in the conservation of migratory species, such as birds of prey in Europe and the Middle East, as well as the preservation of the Albatross. Additionally, Colin has dedicated his efforts to understanding the impact of climate change on protected species. Notably, Colin has held influential roles within the Scientific Council of the Convention on Migratory Species, serving as both Chairman and Vice Chairman. He is currently the Appointed Councillor for Climate Change issues for the Convention. Additionally, he has served as the Deputy Chairman of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and an Independent Member since 2014. Professor Colin Galbraith's extensive involvement with the United Nations and his contributions to international conservation initiatives have earned him a respected reputation. With his appointment as Chair of NatureScot, he continues to champion the cause of nature conservation, making a lasting impact on the environment both locally and globally.

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